Fielders Choice

Baseball and The New South. 1969

Two teens tackle Fielder’s Choice and shed light from insights kids have now in regard to the 60’s. Interesting perspective from today’s teen in Birmingham Alabama in 2013 from what teens were dealing with in 1968.

Fielder’s Choice Teen review

Originally posted on Life of A Fallen Angel:
As a veteran and a Marine today is one of those days that I am haunted by the past. I look to the left and right of me, no one is there but I still see the…

A somber remembrance

In 1967, Reggie Jackson played part of the season in AA ball in Birmingham for the Kansas City Athletics. ┬áIn Birmingham, he posted a .293 batting average, .562 slugging percentage, and 17 home runs one of which streaked out of the stadium over the right…

Reggie Jackson and Birmingham