I have the last vote…and the largest vote…


Sounds good to us

Jamey in Context

I just finished reading an article about Alex Anthopolous.  The name may not be familiar.  He’s the general manager of the Toronto Blue Jays.  Most of us know that team name but maybe not his name.  He’s made a bit of a name for himself especially in the last 12 months.  As GM of the club he engineered a number of player trades in the off season that were designed to radically strengthen his ball club and allow it to compete for the championship of the American League East baseball division and hopefully beyond that to the World Series.  So far, the jury is still out on whether he was a genius or mistaken.

Overbay, Boesch homer off Dickey, Yanks sweep Jays

In the interview he talks of his “style” of operation.  He says he likes to consult but at the end he has the last vote and the largest vote on the discussion.   I liked the way…

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