Are 565 Foot Home Runs Extinct?


Thats whats great about baseball, all the generations sitting together sharing stories

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MIcky Mantle Home RunMickey Mantle, from the stories my father and grandfather had told, was pure American Muscle.  The guy would have owned all hitting records if it wasn’t for his propensity to drink and womanize late into the night.  I’d say 50% of his injuries were do to him being hungover and the other 50% because of his hard playing.  You don’t get sore from standing around doing nothing.

But Mickey Mantle hit a ball 565 feet.  Just think about that for a second.  That is 6 NBA court lengths and nearly 1.5 football field lengths (with endzones). It is just unthinkable in today’s standards.

The longest home run at Wrigley Field since 2007 was Aramis Ramirez 495 Feet  and it was a BOMB. The thing is I could not imagine it going another 70+ feet.  I was at the game and it sounded so crisp, clean off the bat.  While I do think size…

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